• Navigating Co-Parenting: Insights from the Heart
    Having weathered the storm of co-parenting myself for the last 14 years and helping families create effective parenting plans, I have come to understand that certain key aspects lie at the very core of this intricate dance. Let’s explore the top five elements of successful co-parenting that I believe are essential for anyone on this journey.
  • Is Divorce Mediation right for me?
    Divorce mediation produces a more peaceful and constructive resolution and offers the best alternative to traditional litigation, especially if a couple has children, wants to maintain control over the outcome, is worried about the cost and duration of the divorce process, is experiencing high levels of conflict, or wants to maintain a civil relationship for co-parenting.
  • Divorce and its impact on teenagers
    Divorce is a very stressful process for any family, but it may be particularly traumatic… Read more: Divorce and its impact on teenagers
  • Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer or Divorce Mediator?
    Should I hire a lawyer or a mediator for my divorce? This is one of the most frequently asked questions of people who seek my counsel in planning their divorce strategy.