Divorce and its impact on teenagers

Divorce is a very stressful process for any family, but it may be particularly traumatic when the kids are in middle or high school. Adolescents have strong opinions about how their lives should be organized when they live in two homes and are frequently more emotionally invested in the outcome of a divorce. Instead of processing your divorce with attorneys and the court system in certain circumstances, divorce mediation can be a better choice for you.

Here are a few reasons why divorce mediation is the better choice for families with teenagers:

  1. Mediation is Less Adversarial

In divorce court, each side attempts to make the strongest argument to the judge, and is, by nature, a very combative setting. This hostile environment makes it difficult to find solutions. In contrast, mediation is intended to be a collaborative process where the parties work together to reach an agreement. Using a divorce mediation strategy to come to a divorce settlement can be especially useful when trying to create parenting plans for teenagers since it encourages everyone to be more adaptable and inventive in their problem-solving.

  1. Mediation is Private

Divorce court is a public forum, and the details of your family’s personal life may be exposed to the public and are public record. This can be especially difficult for teenagers, who do not want their personal issues discussed in a public setting. Mediation is a confidential process, allowing families to work through their issues in a private and respectful environment.

  1. Mediation is More Flexible

Divorce courts must adhere to the norms and regulations of the legal system, which can be rigid when it comes to handling unusual family circumstances. Contrarily, mediation enables families to develop unique solutions that benefit all parties. When dealing with the busy schedules of teenagers who participate in extracurricular activities, attend school, and possibly hold down jobs, this might be particularly crucial. Parenting plans can get more complicated for teenagers because their costs are often higher than those of younger children. The most obvious costs to divide in a divorce settlement are those for a car and higher education, so it could be necessary for families to think beyond the box. Because of the flexible problem-solving built into divorce mediation, a family-centered divorce mediator is a better option for families with teens.

  1. Mediation is Less Expensive

A common budget to cover legal fees and court charges for a Colorado divorce is around $15,000, making the court a costly proposition for divorce. Typically, divorce mediation is substantially less expensive than going to court. This is crucial for families with teens because divorce frequently puts a strain on a family’s finances. By opting for mediation, your family can better concentrate its resources on the needs of your teen while saving money on legal bills and court costs.

  1. Mediation is Less Stressful

Even though children are not in court during the divorce court proceedings, the process is difficult and traumatic to the whole family system. Adolescents are sophisticated, and the stress parents experience before court negatively affects their quality of life during a period of life when stress is already high. Divorce mediation is intended to be a more supportive environment and process for parents, which naturally lessens the effect of stress and tension associated with divorce in the household.

All things considered, mediation is a better option for families with teenagers going through a divorce. It is less adversarial, more private, more flexible, less expensive, and less stressful than going through lawyers and to the court. By choosing divorce mediation, families can work together to find solutions that work for the unique lives of modern teenagers.

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