Our Services

At Boulder Divorce Mediation, we understand that navigating a divorce can be a challenging and emotional experience, especially when children are involved. That’s why we offer a range of divorce mediation services to help parents create a positive outcome for their family.

Our divorce mediation process is designed to be efficient and cost-effective. We help our clients resolve their differences without the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation. Our mediators facilitate a discussion between the parties to come up with creative solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved.

Summer Howard is a skilled mediator, also experienced at helping parents create parenting plans that take into account the unique needs of their children. We believe that parents are the best decision-makers for their family and we help them create a plan that works for everyone involved.

We also offer divorce coaching to help our clients manage the emotional and practical aspects of the divorce process. Our coaches provide guidance and support to help our clients make informed decisions and manage their emotions during this difficult time.

At Boulder Divorce Mediation, we believe that divorce does not have to be a bitter and contentious process. With the help of Summer Howard and the Boulder Divorce Mediation Team, parents can work together to create a positive outcome for their family. Contact us today to learn more about our divorce mediation services.